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A breakthrough platform to grow and transform your business

The #1 tool for CEOs seeking to improve organizational growth, performance and results.

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Align people and culture with profits and performance

AlignSight helps leaders directly measure how SOFT people and culture dynamics impact HARD performance indicators like top line growth and bottom line results.

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A tool for growth focussed leaders

A breakthrough platform that puts actionable data at your fingertips to grow and transform your business.

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Research indicates that 67% of all organizations fail to deliver on their strategy.

CEOs consistently indicate that alignment is essential.

Intuitive tools to measure, track and strengthen alignment to improve future success

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People and culture matter, but by how much?

Only 33% of businesses effectively execute on their strategies.

How do you measure the direct impact of work culture on growth rates and profitability?

AlignSight quantifies the extent to which your organization is competitively focused.

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Accelerate Growth

Increase Revenues

AlignSight is the first tool of its kind to help leaders directly measure and SEE how SOFT people and culture dynamics impact HARD performance indicators like top line growth and provides clear actions for improvement.

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Strengthen Performance

Improve Profitability

AlignSight identifies the degree to which the organization’s internal systems and processes are facilitating the effective flow of information, knowledge and ideas between leadership levels and across functions to support timely and effective communications and decisions.

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Transform Culture

Shift Mindsets

AlignSight assess an organization’s unique mindset, which influences the way it seeks to fulfill its purpose and strategic mandate. Mindset is not only a reflection of what your company values, but also points to its ability to achieve intelligent action.

AlignSight leverages a proven organizational diagnostic tool that measures an organization’s ability to drive real growth through new value creation, innovation and adaptive change.

Ability to Innovate

Internally and/or externally focused efforts to either enhance or create new value for the organization and the customers it serves.

Ability to Change

Efforts to modify structures, goals processes and/or culture as required to achieve the organization’s purpose and strategic business objectives.

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Validate your gut feeling

AlignSight provides leaders with tangible metrics to validate their gut feel and accurately pinpoint previously unseen factors that are constraining their organization’s ability to grow and change adaptively.

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“More than ever before, CEOs need to better metrics to understand the hidden factors impacting their organization’s ability to grow and achieve long-term success”.

Dr. Brett Richards, Founder & CEO

“The OGI offers a powerful, new way to assess and track shifts in an organization’s ability to innovate and transform by way of its mindset”

Dr. Gerard Puccio, Ph.D., Chair & Professor – International Centre for Studies in Creativity SUNY Buffalo State

Transform your business

Improve organizational growth, performance and results.

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