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A culture aligned to imagining and continuous learning is the game changer for growth and impact in any sector. The OGI is the most impactful measurement tool I have ever deployed to transform and align teams to imagine and innovate.

CEO – Life Sciences Sector


“The OGI offers a powerful, new way to assess and track shifts in an organization’s ability to innovate and transform by way of its mindset”

Dr. Gerard Puccio, Ph.D., Chair & Professor – International Centre for Studies in Creativity SUNY Buffalo State

Unleashing Improvement Initiatives

“A manufacturing company embarked on a continuous improvement journey but was worried that they were not ready for it. Improvement initiatives historically had started with great fanfare then became bogged down in process. Ultimately the initiatives faded with little to nothing show for it.

The OGI diagnostic led to prioritizing organizational and communication changes before the initiative was commenced. Three years later, the business is aligned and completing its third consecutive year of profit improvement.”

CEO – Mid-sized Consulting Company

Improved Communications and Alignment

“Often leadership teams think that their message is clear, embraced and understood at all levels of the organization, but this is almost always an optimistic view. The OGI was an exceptionally helpful diagnostic that accurately identified the functions and organizational levels that were not getting clear and aligned information from leadership.

In the end we believe that the actions that we took to address the OGI diagnostic resulted in a sustainable improvement in employee engagement as well as operating and financial results.”

President – Professional Services Firm

Building a Culture of Innovation

The Founders and CEO of a large global, precision engineering company located in 17
countries needed to stimulate growth and achieve their stated BHAG: “to be #1 in lifetime
customer experience in every division”. The OGI was used as a credible and efficient way to
quantitatively assess their organization’s ability to innovate and their “readiness” for
“The OGI provided us with clear, actionable insights and a solid understanding of where we are
and where we need to go to achieve our transformational vision”.

Group CEO/Director – Precision Engineering Company

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