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Our team has the tools and the expertise to help you tease out the key factors that are potentially constraining your organization's momentum and performance.

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“AlignSight is a platform based on Connective Intelligence. As trusted talent development partners with a strong track record, our clients keep coming back to us to support their recruitment efforts for key positions. More than ever before, CEOs need to clear away the fog with better metrics to understand the hidden factors impacting their organization’s ability to grow and achieve long-term success.”

Dr. Brett Richards | Founder & President

Dr. Brett Richards, Founder, President

Brett offers renowned expertise in leadership and organizational transformation for Fortune 100/500 companies. In developing the Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI®), Brett has created a breakthrough diagnostic tool designed specifically to help leaders generate growth and build enduring value. AlignSight is the next phase of his vision, which is make the OGI’s proven techniques available to leaders around the world through a scalable SaaS solution.

Mark Follows, Partner

Mark has over 30 years of operational consulting experience for leading companies and organizations in many industries all over the world. His areas of expertise include demand planning, marketing and sales, supply chain optimization, change management, and implementation. He is active in the local community.

Robert Sestito, Chief Technology Officer, Partner

Robert Sestito is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience as a CTO/CIO/CISO, advisor, and consultant. His expertise spans across multiple domains including AI, Strategic Planning, and Business Process Improvement. He has a successful track record across sectors like Retail, Real Estate, Logistics, Marketing, and Finance. Currently a Partner at Softhouse Advisory and Research Group, Robert accelerates product delivery and minimizes risks, while his approach and talent optimization strategies drive client innovation.

Dmitry Sergeev, Chief Technology Officer, Partner

Executive Business Professional with over 20 years of experience as a CTO/CIO, Advisor, Consultant, in A.I, B2B, ERP, Mobility, Business Intelligence/Analysis, Infrastructure, Point of Sale, Retail Systems, Integration, Web services, Software Engineering, Project management, SDLC optimization

Rob Williams, Chief Product Officer

Rob Williams is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of experience in technology, product development, and innovation. As a positive, motivational leader with a proven track record in driving value creation, Rob has held significant leadership roles in companies such as AudienceView, the NEC Group, and Dixons Stores Group. With expertise in SaaS Ecommerce, Product development, M&A integrations, and a few conference keynotes under his belt, Rob has helped to generate millions of dollars in revenue and deliver exceptional results for organizations in various industries.

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Allan O'Dette, Strategic Associate

A Chief Executive Officer with a diverse range of skills and experience in media, sales, marketing, finance, complex projects, policy development, Canadian and international government relations. Allan has a proven history of leading transformational change through strategic planning, consensus building, establishing common purpose, recognizing diversity, leadership, and execution. He has been the CEO of the Ontario Medical Association, Chief Investment Officer (Ontario, Canada), CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce and had 25 years experience in progressive leadership roles in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Grow Through Disruption book

Learn from Dr. Brett Richards, a seasoned practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the area of individual and organizational effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive systems to measure growth and adapt to current business trends
  • Quantifiable metrics to understand data and make decisions based on reality
  • Culture dynamics that support your businesses’ strength and ability to grow
  • Essential tools to develop more vibrant, fulfilling, and lasting organizations

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